mandag 12. desember 2011

12th of December - Paint by Number

wallpaintbynumber is a custom-made, personalized wallpaper, created for and by you! The wallpaper is based on a picture you send to wallpaintbynumber. This picture is converted to a “colour by number” pattern on wallpaper. Just grab your brushes and paint, choose the colour corresponding to the number and colour the panes. If you want your own unique wallpaintbynumber, but you currently do not have the time to do all the painting yourself? We can now offer you the option to order pre-coloured wallpaper. Create a perfect and original image for your wall.

LATEST NEW FEATURE!wallpaintbynumber has increased its product range by offering the same original looks but on canvas. Also available in paint it yourself option as well as the pre-coloured option.

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