mandag 12. desember 2011

12th of December - Paint by Number

wallpaintbynumber is a custom-made, personalized wallpaper, created for and by you! The wallpaper is based on a picture you send to wallpaintbynumber. This picture is converted to a “colour by number” pattern on wallpaper. Just grab your brushes and paint, choose the colour corresponding to the number and colour the panes. If you want your own unique wallpaintbynumber, but you currently do not have the time to do all the painting yourself? We can now offer you the option to order pre-coloured wallpaper. Create a perfect and original image for your wall.

LATEST NEW FEATURE!wallpaintbynumber has increased its product range by offering the same original looks but on canvas. Also available in paint it yourself option as well as the pre-coloured option.

11th of December - X-mas stripes

From Anthropologie.

10th of December - Red

From this Etsy-artist.

9th of December - Let the light in.

søndag 11. desember 2011

8th of December - Family affair

To order here: .... and yes, my sister is the designer ;-)

7th of December - Time for Sex, Tea & Rock n' Roll

To find here at Donkey Products.

6th of December - Still good

I know, I used this last year, but is still good ;-)

5th of December - Just feeling a bit tired

4th of December - Gifts for everybody

More to see and buy here:

3th of December - E-mail or not e-mail?

From this lovely card shop on Etsy:

2nd of December - Smile

More happy rings to find here:

torsdag 1. desember 2011

1st of December

.... in case you're not so sure about the whole Christmas thing ....
From this etsy shop.

søndag 13. mars 2011


I have a really big tree i my backjard ..... hm, these could be our next (sommer-)guest room ;-).
From dedon at

Berlin - by Heavytool

An appartement for your next stay in Berlin? I love this one!

tirsdag 18. januar 2011

onsdag 12. januar 2011

Waiting for Spring ...

... the snow piles up outside and I just want it to be Spring .... NOW!
Daisy Earrings from this shop via Lovely Cluster.

Sorry .... and Happy 2011!

Sorry for letting you down just before X-mas, but - surprise, surprise - I have a job (a paid one ;-)) and I had to finish off an important part of it! ... and I did: I sent 450 pages of my Ph.D. thesis to my professor the 23th of December and went off to celebrate X-mas with my family in Zürich, Switzerland.

New Year with friends in Stavanger .....